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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recipe for Pecan Tarts Page and Interesting Story of a Stolen Hearse

Hi All!

Well, I can’t help but say this again . . . It is another beautiful day here in Southern Ohio. We have had some rain, but there seems to be a little bit of sunshine in every day for a few days now. The sky is so blue with those big fluffy clouds.

Today, I’m posting another picture from the recipe book I’m putting together for my daughter. This is for pecan tarts. Sounds wonderful! The imagine is a download but for the life of me I cannot remember where it is from. I’m terrible about forgetting things. The paper is definitely Stampin’ Up. Even the big orange flower is cut outs from SU that I have had for quite sometime.

I can’t help but think of something that happened in our Tri-State area recently. It is not really funny, but then I am flabbergasted to the fact that someone can do this kind of thing. Here is the news article from the WSAZ TV news site:
BECKLEY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- One of the most bizarre crimes they've ever seen -- that's how police describe the case of a woman who drove off in a hearse with a body inside. "I am very sorry to everybody involved," suspect Angela Dehart said Wednesday morning on her way to jail. Beckley Police Capt. Jeff Shumate said, "It's very bizarre. I've been a policeman 22 years, and I have never seen anything like this." Shumate said the incident started early Tuesday morning at Ritchie and Johnson Funeral Parlor .Police say Dehart was walking home when she saw a hearse -- engine running and ready to go -- and decided to take a drive. "We found the employee had left the car running while unlocking the funeral home when someone walking by had jumped in the car and left the area," Shumate said. Stealing the hearse was bad enough, but police say inside that hearse was a body just delivered to the funeral home. "The concern was, if we were not able to recover the vehicle in a timely manner, was the emotional stress it would been put on loved ones and family if the corpse could not have been located," Shumate said. But just hours later, police tracked down the hearse but say the body inside was damaged from a wild ride. "The corpse did receive some injuries, and it appears to be from the body being thrown from the gurney from reckless driving by the suspect," Shumate said. Dehart said she didn't know there was a body inside the hearse, but police say she should have known there was a chance. "She would have had to suspect there was a possibility of a corpse being in it due to it being a hearse, but I do not think the corpse being in the vehicle had any bearing on whether she stole the vehicle or anything," Shumate said. Shumate said Dehart was not on drugs -- at least not that he was aware. He also said she does not have a criminal history. Police spoke with the family of the deceased. They say they're pretty upset about the situation. Surprisingly, though, they've also been understanding. Dehart was taken to the Southern Regional Jail.

Hope you didn’t mind the story. Just something I really cannot shake. Perhaps my heart goes out to the family of the deceased, since we recently lost my father-in-law, and I think of how it would feel to us to have this sort of thing happen.

Well, I will go for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening. Come back again and often.


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Tess said...

Another pretty recipe page. Love it!!!