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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just a Little Note - Card for the Day

Hi All!

The card I made this time was using a new set of stamps from SU called A Kind Word. As you know from viewing my blog, I love people stamps. I chose to use purple on this card, which seems to be a color that has been popular with me lately, and yellow seems to always go with it as well. I used the top note die, cutting out two, one in yellow and one in the polka-dot darker purple. I cut the darker purple top note in half and only used the top half under the card. Just for something different. I went around the whole yellow top note design with the piercer. I stamped Just A Note, punched it with an oval punch and dabbed purple around the edges. Then, using a larger punch put the darker polka-dot purple behind that, and two brads to hold it together. Used plain white cardstock with a scalloped edge across the center of the card under the design, and prima flowers with colored brads as embellishments. Couldn’t find a challenge I thought this might fit, but this is the card I came up with and wanted to post it.

Enjoying this day. It isn’t as warm as it was a few days this past week, but the birds have been singing all day. Last night there were frogs every where. My kids were complaining about being able to sleep because of the loud frogs. There is a pond just over the hill from our house and you can here all the frogs from there as well. Every time a little bird starts singing, I pause for a moment until I realize it is a bird. The alarm on my cell phone, which I use quite often, is almost the same sound as those birds. It kind of cracks me up. I’m going to have to change the alarm sound, if that is possible.

I have spent days looking online for a tiller to buy. Last year I put in a small garden. My husband was afraid that I would put it in and not keep up with it, but I surprised him and did, and he loved it. I think he may have enjoyed it as much as I did. My Dad tilled the garden for me last year. I hated to buy one and possibly decide I didn’t want to garden after all. Now, since I am going to keep up gardening, I either need to buy one or rent one, which I am considering for now. My husband says to buy one, because we will use it. What am I thinking, it is a tool and he is a guy. It will get used, but probably not much. I guess it is better to have it than to not. Anyway, that is something I’m in the market for. I want to put in a few potatoes this year to see how they do. Did you know that according to the bible, you should not plant your garden in the same place for seven years? The soil needs to rest. You can plant your garden in the same spot for six years, but in the seventh year you need to let the soil rest. That year you need to put your garden in another spot. That is Old Testament teaching. It is a health law. A lot of people think they don’t apply today, but Jesus states that He did not come to change the law but to fulfil it. We don’t eat pork, shrimp, catfish, anything mentioned in Leviticus 11. This isn’t something that every one follows and it is according to your own conviction. I do wonder if planting every year in the same spot isn’t why we get E-coli in vegetables, and even some of the other contaminations. It is just my thinking. God has never led us wrong or lied to us. He wouldn’t, He loves us.

Well, didn’t mean to blah, blah, blah, just got off onto something, like I have a tendency to do. I want to thank you for stopping by, and hope you do again. Have a great weekend and Happy Stamping!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Secret Crafter Challenge with a Gorjuss Girl!

Hi All:

Well, I have another card to post. I made this card using my favorite color, green. The challenge at Secret Crafter is to make a card using your favorite color. I used a Gorjuss Girl stamp, and she has two kitties with her. I extended this card a little bit. It is actually 4-1/4 x 6 inches. The girl & kitties are colored with watercolor pencils. The yellow kitty is pop dotted up a little. There are little tear shaped gems along the scalloped border along the bottom. I used a Happy Birthday stamp with a light green ink, and went over that with a green gel pen. The two little pearl-like embellishments on the side are placed on pop dots, too.

Not sure who I will give this card to yet, but there are lots of birthdays coming up over the spring and summer months. Always good to have a birthday card on hand. Some cards are just too hard to part with, though. I hate having to decide which one of my cards I want to give up. I don’t know why. I thought that was why I made them, but I just want to hoard some of them.

I want to thank you for stopping by today, and I hope you will come back by. Enjoy your day, and Happy Stamping!


Petal Card for The Sugar Bowl Challenge

Hi All!

I saw this petal card on another blog while surfing the other day. I thought I would give it a try. Since it is so cute, I thought it would be a nice shape for something different for a Mother’s Day Card. My family is so use to getting my normal shaped card, that this is good for a change.

I have tied a ribbon around it to hold it closed, and the ribbon actually will just slip off. You don’t have to untie it. I like that. Won’t mess up the bow. I have a time doing that anyway. I used a bling paper with a shine to it, and the prettiest paper with butterflies on it. Don’t know who made either one of them. Inside there is Daisy Sugar Nellie. She is so adorable. My Mom’s favorite color is purple. The sentiment says, "For all you have done, and continue to do,
Happy Mother’s Day to you!" I don’t do mushy poems well. Daisy is colored with watercolor pencils. I used a gel pen on the dots on her white shirt.

Enjoyed making this card. I so hope I win my chance to choose a set on the Sugar Bowl Challenge. I would pick Gorjuss Girls #2. I love the #1 I already have. The cutest stamps.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you do so often. Enjoy your day, and Happy Stamping!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Little Box of Sweet

A friend of mine has a die that cuts out this little box. It is a cute little box. We used acetate over the cut out on the inside and I put colored malted milk balls inside a plastic bag down in the box. I used one of the new Leanne Ellis stamps to help decorate the box. Not sure the brand of the patterned paper I used, but I remember that I picked it up at Archiver’s. I love the suede-like ribbon and the little embellishment is from SU, and I put a green brad down through the center of it. The best part of making this little box was sharing time with friends. Isn’t it always great to just be with your friends, exchanging stories and dreams. You appreciate that so much more as you get order, or so it seems.

I want to thank you for stopping by, and hope you do so often. I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Stamping!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Strawberry Tea - Forever! Or is that Strawberry Fields?

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I started reading a new book, " The 5000 Year Leap." It is so interesting. Glenn Beck recommended it, and I understand now why he did. I am only a little ways in and I believe every American should read this book. Actually, when I finish it I am going to have my son, who is 15-1/2 years old, home-schooled, and loves politics, read it. It is about the Founding Fathers and the constitution. It is easy to read and simply written. The subtitle is "A Miracle That Changed the World. Principles of Freedom 101." If you want to know more about the constitution and how something written over 200 years ago can still be lived today, you need to understand all the thinking behind it, as well as the Divine leading our Founding Fathers had. Okay, on to the card.

This card is using the Strawberry Tea image from Sweet Art Ebony. This is so cute, but then all the images from Elizabeth Bell are cute. Also, the inside of the card, where a sentiment or note can be written is decorated as well.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you do so often. Enjoy your day! Happy Stamping!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Cute Little Recipe Card

This is the cutest little image. In the past I have made several recipe books for my sisters and sister-in-laws for their birthdays, and I thought this image would be good for some of the pages. Now, however, with new recipes I decided to make recipe cards that can just be tucked inside their recipe books. This card opens up with the recipe printed out or written on the inside. I have not put the recipe in this card yet. I got the card front finished, and wanted to show it off. I popped the hat, the nose, the cupcake, pie and the cookie. Also, I used glitter pens on those popped pieces as well, except for the hat and the cookie. The kiss the cook stamp was perfect, or at least I thought so. Not sure what recipe will go in this, but I have several new recipes that I have had a request for. This will be a great way to pass them on, and seem more special.
I hope you are enjoying this day. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you do so again. Until next time, Happy Stamping!