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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thought I Would Write a Note About What Has Been Going On

I haven’t posted lately. There has been so much going on. We traveled about three hours away to a hospital this week to have testing for my daughter. We had to stay two nights. One in the hospital for a test she was having. One night in a motel because she had to be there so early for her procedure. Anyway, we got the results yesterday, and she is normal and within normal limits, exact words! They have diagnosed her with irritable bowel syndrome, which really isn’t pleasant at all, but at least we know what we are dealing with. She is 18, and suffered with this pain for 2-1/2 years now. There have been 2-1/2 years of x-rays, ultrasounds, scans and monitoring. She has seen four different doctors for all her symptoms. So, we go from here. We are now back to the primary care physician. Well, she started Friday with a kidney stone, something to add to her misery. She has had these before. Today, she was in horrible pain again, and had to call off work. The pain stopped this afternoon and it was if she didn’t have any problem at all. Hopefully it will stay gone and she will pass the stone without any further problems. She has karate camp this week, so she can advance in belts. Say a prayer for her if you will. I would appreciate it. I don't handle things well when it is out of the normal routine. Things like this throw me off a little bit, and I run around like a "chicken with my head cut off." My house is a wreck. After I got home from the hospital on Tuesday, I just went out and laid in the sun in the pool, and I have been doing that everyday since. I feel that I have gotten rested after all the pressure I felt I was under, dealing with her being put under for the procedure. She is now dealing with the kidney stone. Seems there is always something for Moms to worry about. Okay, I will go on about something else.

This evening, I had a chance to do some blog surfing. I decided to hit all the places I have saved in my favorites. I visited "A Lil’ Bit of Me" and I am so glad I did! Marlene is giving away blog candy. You really have to visit. It is an H&S stamp! Hope I win! Sign up for the blog candy, but definitely check out her work. She is too talented! I like visiting her blog. So, I’m plugging for her.

Okay, I will close for the evening. I hope that everyone has a great day! Thank you for coming by, and visit again.



Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for playing and pluggin girly..Good Luck!
And that with all that has been going on in your family!
Glad there is nothing serious wrong and your DD will get over this.

Hugs, Marlene x

queenSCRAPalot said...

Hey there! Glad to hear that Vickie's tests came back with good news. I have been thinking about all of you.

Hopefully we will get to stamp Friday night!


PS: I have updated my blog...:)

Vickie said...

Hey sweetie :-)

Just checking for updates! I am glad to hear everything came out normal. I will email you later today!!
Love ya!!

Tess said...

Hey Girlfriend, just wanted to let you know that I am loving your blog. By the way, visit my blog. You have been awarded the Brillante Weblog Award.

Anonymous said...

Me again Karen..
Have a peek at my blog

Marlene xx