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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My New Birthday Presents! Two Posts Today

I have to tell you about my two new kitties. They are Ragdolls, and beautiful. I got them at a rescue near Lexington, KY. I have wanted a Ragdoll kitten for many years, but didn’t want to get one just yet, since I have one cat. The cat I have now is very old, and he is an outdoor cat. His name is Lucky. He adopted my family and we are so glad he did. Anyway, my husband told me to let him know what I wanted for my birthday, and I told him a Ragdoll. So, since they are really expensive ($550.00 to $1000.00), I decided to check rescues again. I have did this many times in the past. Just so happened that a rescue not too far from us, had two. And, for $250.00 each I could have both. It took me a couple of weeks, after them checking me out, but I got my girls three weeks ago. They are close to six months old, and sisters. I have attached a picture for you. They are suppose to be the largest domestic cat in the world, although some people have had bigger cats, these are just large by breed. Anyway, I have named them Lacy & Lilly. Lilly had fleas extremely bad when she came to the rescue and after three treatments still had them, so they finally had to shear her down. Her hair has not come back in yet, but it is coming in. Lacy is the fluffy one. She is very shy. Lilly is a wild child, and if it is something that will break or she can get into she is there! Of course, they have not warmed up to their new brother, Lucky, but I’m hoping that it will come in time. He is more suspicious of them, than they are of him. The girls just want to check him out. Their favorite place to lay, which is in the picture, is a table in my family room. This table doesn’t get used for eating much, but more for home-schooling, working puzzles and doing models. They have made it their new place to lay and watch outside. They like the hummingbirds that come to a feeder that is just to the left outside of the picture view. Wild child Lilly thinks that she can chase them, and about falls off the table sometimes. I hope you enjoy the picture of them.

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Tess said...

Hi Karen,
Your kitty's are so pretty. I will have to show them to brittony. She just loves puppies and kitty's alot.