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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Voting Day! It's Your Right and Your Duty.


Oh, I had the best day! I spent it with my friend, Tessie, whose blog is The Mountaineer Stamper. She is a sweet person. Together, we then called another friend, Vickie, Stamping Ever After, and met up at Buffalo Wild Wings, during her lunch hour from work, to eat and laugh. Of course, we cannot be together if we don’t laugh. What are girlfriends for! Tessie and I don’t work. We are lucky enough that our husbands have good jobs, and that has allowed us to stay home and raise our children. Like I stated in my about me section, I also have home-schooled my children, and it is wonderful. Anyway, God has truly blessed me with these wonderful friends. Tomorrow, Tessie and I are getting together again, and meeting up with our other friend, Barb, and taking her to lunch. She is a "sexatary" at an elementary school. Anyway, she jokes about this. But, she is off tomorrow because of the election and so we are all going out together to eat and laugh, I’m sure. I just wanted to mention what I had done today. I had a blast just running around with Tessie.

About two years ago, I made recipe books for my sisters and sister-in-laws. The books contained recipes of my family members on both my side, and on my husband’s sides of our families. I didn’t know how to scrapbook at the time, so I used stickers, buttons and all kinds of things to make the books. I look back now and see how much I have improved since starting those. Now, I have started one for my daughter, and I’m trying all kind of techniques, and there is no theme to it, just doing whatever I feel like doing or trying. My friends, mentioned above, have taught me so many things. A couple of the ladies like the antique-like projects, and I do not favor it most of the time. Then, I made this scrapbook page with my mother’s recipe for Carrot Cake, which by the way is spectacular. They went goo-goo over it, and thought the page was great. I’m posting it here today. There is a picture of my mom on the back of a horse. My grandparents were always big horse people. Mom learned to ride at a very young age, and still loves it though she doesn’t get to do it anymore. The other picture is of her now. I hope that you enjoy the page. Remember this is my first attempt at a vintage or antique-like page.

I hope your day is a good one. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you will come by often. I will be posting some challenges I’m working on. I had gotten out of it for a while, but I’m siked again! Happy Stamping!


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