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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Big "Hi" for a Friend

A Big “Hi” for a Friend!

Well, I finally get to post something. I made this card yesterday, but couldn’t decide how to decorate the front of it. My daughter said that the butterflies I wanted to put on the front yesterday were ugly! Don’t you love your children’s honesty? Well, I threw that away and started over. Today, I thought about this. Hope you think more of this one that she did the other one. I love the new felt punch outs I got from Oriental Trading. They come 6 sheets to a package, 2 blue, 2 green & 2 red, I believe. Anyway, I pulled out the blue, since it match this card colors and punched out the whole sheet. Several different designs, a shovel, fence, the word GARDEN, birds, water bucket, flowers, swirls, etc. Really nice! Forgot I had this designer paper from Stampin’ Up. I like it. Don’t quite remember the name, but I think it is something like Dashes & Dots. Something along that line. They don’t carry it anymore. Anyway, this is a standard size card, laid down the corner of the designer paper and cut it off where I wanted it. I then used the zig-zag stamp from CTMH Simple Stitches set & stamped up the edges of the DP. Stamped a saying from SU Curvy Verses set, and placed my flowers were I wanted them, as well as the word “hi!” The letter “h” is an “h” chipboard covered with pumpkin pie CS. I just cut the little “I” out of pumpkin pie only. The flower dot is a Queen & Co plastic flower as is the center of the felt flowers, and the brads are Queen & Co. Fun card, hope you like it!

Okay, received some news today! I called my Mom and said to her, “I got good news & bad news. What do you want to hear first?” She told me she wanted to hear the good news first, of course. I said, “I’m not pregnant!” She laughed and said, “Okay!” She already knew it would be a miracle of God that I would be pregnant due to modern medicine, I will say! Anyway, the bad news is that I have a blockage in my left kidney and a cyst on my left ovary, as well as possible fatty tumor or mass in my right hip. “Is that all?” she asked. Well, I feel pretty good about it all. Taking it well. It was weird, because this morning I was driving to my weekly bible study, and I knew that I had to go to the doctor to find out my results today. I started praying about it, and I knew that there was something wrong. It was one of those things you just know. I figure I know my body better than anyone and there is definitely something wrong. Well, I just ask God to be in the situation and help me be all that I can be for Him. I figured since I just had the ultrasounds on Monday, the doctor would have to call for the results. That wasn’t the case, they faxed them to the office, and the office called my home asking me to come to the office earlier. I showed up at my appointment at 2:15, and didn’t even know that they had called me to come in earlier. The PA was very good at explaining everything that she could. She then said they would set me up with a GYN & Urologist. So, I guess I will know more after I see them. If any of you out there pray, say a little prayer for me! I know God will help me through this, with no doubt. It is mostly the wait and see. I mean waiting for your appointment, wait and see what this physician wants to do, what test results come in, what procedure will have to be done. I have already did the antibiotics, so the next step seems to be a look to see what is happening. I can handle just about anything, or at least I think I can. Keep me in your prayers. Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great day!

Karen Linnea


Tess said...

Hi Karen,

I love this card. It is very pretty. I am so sorry about your results from the tests you had done at the doctor's. I will pray for you.

Love ya!!


queenSCRAPalot said...

I really like the layout! The stitching looks real!!

You are in my prayers Karen.


Vickie said...

Hey sweetie!! What a wonderful card! I LOVE it!! I just LOVE the faux stitching!! Keep up the great work!!

I am praying for you sweetie!!

Love ya!!