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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lack of inspiration but a word from "Paul!"

I haven’t posted in a while, and I feel so bad about it. I decided that today I am posting, even though I do not have a card or something to post along with my chat. The lack of inspiration has crept upon me. Sitting at my table, staring at all my stamps, inks, embellishments, I just cannot seem to put it on paper. "Brain Fog!" That has to be it . . . "Brain Fog! Do you ever come up against something like this? It is like I have so many ideas, but it is all just floating around in this space, however, I cannot seem to reach anything to pull it out and use it. I feel like screaming!!!!!

My children and I attend Community Bible Study every Wednesday morning. My kids are home-schooled, and this great group caters to home-schoolers. I love that! Anyway, we are studying the book of Ephesians. Often, in church, we have referred to the book of Ephesians in discussing bible lessons, but I have never actually started at the beginning and studied the book. We just finished Mark, which was unbelievable. I absolutely saw it in a whole new light! Too good! Anyway, Paul, of the New Testament, never ceases to amaze me. He is in prison, under house arrest, and he is writing to the Ephesians telling them how to show believers and Gentiles God’s love. Now this man, who truly loved the Lord with his whole heart, has everything in the world to be mad about and he is telling others to show love to others. I was thinking about Ephesians 4, where he is telling them to have humility, gentleness, long-suffering, patience, strive to keep unity within the body of Christ, the church, and bearing with others in love, and telling them it is a worthy life to do these things. Of course, a person really should, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds, is it? I mean, patience? Humility? Who really wants to be humble? You have accomplished something great, and you can’t tell everyone about it? Patience? Yeah! Wait more than 60 seconds in a drive-thru and let’s see your patience. It is the truth, that these are all great qualities to find in a person, and I want to possess them all to the fullest. I have grown in some of these qualities over the years, only by God’s grace, of course. It all comes from knowing Him, reading & studying His Word, and having a relationship with Him. Through Him, I have the patience to deal with the things going on with my health, dealing with tests, and the length between visits. With humility, I will do what I need to do to get better, going through all kinds of different pokes and jabs, I’m sure. I will definitely strive to keep unity in Christ’s Church, the body of believers, and witness to those that are not members, in hopes that they will become members. I will also bear with others in love, try to do all things in love, and in my daily walk do all things with love, because Christ is Love, and I want to show others I have Christ’s love. Now, I need you to pray for me! As you can tell, I’m talking myself into this.

I guess I didn’t really have to say all that, but I was just thinking about my day. My appointment with the urologist is on Friday morning. At least I do not have to wait for weeks! My appointment with the GYN is not until April 23rd. They have not called me about seeing a surgeon or scheduling a test of some kind for my hip, but I should find out in a day or two. I talked with them yesterday, and they were going to get back in touch with me. I’m a sun lover, so if there is any cutting to be done on my hip, I would like to have it done before tanning time! Also, I have a pool and enjoy spending afternoons there in the summer. Okay, let me practice love and self control here. I was thinking about me, me, me again! I always tell my kids that you have to practice "nice." We are born into a sinful world, and it comes naturally for us to be sinful. But, in order to be nice, you have to practice it! Can I get an Amen? Hope your Thursday is a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully I will have something for you to look at next time!


queenSCRAPalot said...

Amen! I have been praying for you Karen. Hope to see you Friday evening at Vickie's!


Vickie said...

Hey sweetie :-) Great sermon sweetie!! I loved reading your blog today!! I am praying for you!!

Love ya