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Monday, June 23, 2008

WSC #53 - A Manic Monday!

There is something that I find very fascinating. For a little over 20 years, I was a medical transcriptionist. I worked in hospitals most of my life, and actually had found a job that I could perform and make pretty good pay. I always told others that the only way I passed English in school was because we had weekly spelling tests and I can spell really good. Of course, my grammar is another story, but transcriptionist have to know grammar a little bit as well. That came with time. If a physician threw a huge word at me, I could type it. I would just sound it out and type is down, and it was right. Heck, I even surprised myself! It helped that I could type really fast as well. I could have a report typed up in no time at all. It was the best kind of job for someone like me. When I was in school, I didn’t even know a job like this existed. I wanted a good job really bad. I would go by the local hospital at least three times a week to see if there were any openings. Finally, I got an interview. She said she would let me know if she could train me in this position. Sure enough, she called the following week. From there it was history. I found out that you could go many places and be a transcriptionist. I have had several jobs over the years. Most of them paid really well. Before I stopped working completely, I worked the last 6 years at home. In 2001, I had started home-schooling our kids, but I was also really sick at the time. My husband got hired for a position at a local steel mill, with really good insurance, and told me I needed to quit working. So, I did!

Now, the reason I have told you this story, is for this. Remember, I said I home-school my children. Somewhere between passing English because of spelling, and typing medical terms for 20 years, and home-schooling my children, I forgot how to spell. I feel really silly sitting at my desk trying to think of the right way to spell a word, that I have used my whole life, and all the sudden the word doesn’t look right on the paper. (Thank goodness for spell check. In some cases, spell check cannot even help me!) Where did something go wrong in my head? My poor son will ask me about a word, and my brain shuts down and I’m like, "Don’t ask me! Look it up." Besides, you don’t ask your teacher how to spell a word. (In this case, she may tell you wrong.) Maybe it is a disease. My Mom says that my Dad has it. Of course, my Mom is pretty sharp and she plays cross word puzzles all the time. I bought one of those books the other day, but have only worked one. If it is a disease I have contracted it. I don’t like having it, but it seems that I am going to have to suffer the rest of my life with it. It pretty much seems incurable at this point.

This little card I made for Beate’s WSC #53. I realize that owls have become a new stamping hot lick. I, however, was having a problem finding an owl I really liked, for my tastes, of course. Anyway, I found this little guy at Stamping Bella, and thought he was adorable. I really liked the lay out for Beate’s challenge this week. I just new that I had to use him on the card. I used colored pencils on him. The paper is SU, except for the little scalloped piece. That is from a mat stack of some kind. The sentiment is heat embossed and from Fun & Fast Notes. Thanks for stopping by and come again. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Karen Linnea

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Tess said...

Hi Karen, This is a really cute card. Love the owl. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Miss your emails.